1.Press Esc + Reload + Power 

2.The Chromebook will reboot and show the following screen. If not try the keystrokes again. 

3. Press Ctrl + D 

4.The Chromebook will then show the following message: “To turn OS verification off, press Enter…” 

5. Press Enter 

6. The Chromebook will reboot to a screen saying OS Verification is turned off. 

7.Press the Space Bar 

8.The Chromebook will show the following screen and reboot.


9. At this point the Chromebook will factory reset and boot back up in Verified (Normal) mode. 

10.When the Chromebook boots back up, choose the proper wireless network to connect (if you are at home connect to your internet/wire-fi. In our domain, we force re-enrollment after a reset. 

11.Click Continue 

12.Click Accept and continue 

Any staff or student account in our domain can enroll the Chromebook. The Chromebook should join back to the same OU in the management 

console. Saying managed by Elkins School District. 

13. Then use your clever badge or log in with your email address and password. If you need help please go to the school website www.elkinsdistrict.org go to Digital Learning Tab then select Live Chat.